Humanitarian Response to the Libyan Crisis: February-December 2011 Report

The “IOM MENA 10-month report” looks into IOM’s engagement in assisting migrants and displaced population since the start of the Libyan crisis to the end of 2011.
Firstly, it provides an insight into Libya, reporting on the activities, operations and challenges faced in gaining access to the besieged locations and reach to the stranded migrants.
Secondly, it analyses IOM’s response and activities in four of the Libya`s neighbouring countries, namely Tunisia, Egypt, Chad and Niger. Italy and Malta are covered as well having received since the beginning of the crisis more than 27,700 migrants.
Additionally, given the high number of returnees and the variety of nationalities fleeing the conflict, IOM assisted in the repatriation of thousands of third country nationals to different countries worldwide. Therefore, IOM’s response in some of the most representative countries in terms of number of returnees assisted, is also briefly described.
Acknowledgment and details of donors’ financial contributions and in kind donations are provided in the last section of this report.
Finally, conclusions are drawn and a way forward suggested.